Where and how we work.

We target each and every teacher in Uganda that seeks our services but specifically and in an organized manner, we work with the following groups.

Training Packages for teachers (Modules)

Poutry managemnet cost-loss Analysis

Fish farming using cages and ponds

Home based farming (Backyard Framing)

Pigary Managemnt and care (IMO system)

Management Skills Improvement

Capital ACQUISITION and liqudity management

Finacial managemnt and BRAKE even Analysis

Process for outsourcing skills and services

I.C.T, E-Commerce and E-Learning

Small Scale Enterprise

Coffee Industry management

LOBBYING ADVOCACY and community engagement process

Sustanable Development


Few Words About Us


Teachers can do better in their lives if given the direction and skills beyond their classroom. They have wider knowledge and in position to impact and change communities in which they live.

Why We do This

  • To have a sustainable comfortable teacher in Uganda and outside whose contribution in society exceeds teaching in classroom.

Our Skills

Community out reach 85%

Teachers unions 65%

Teacher training collages93%


Local governments 90%


Our operation shall be funded by mainly the well-wishers and the little contributions from teachers in form of membership fees. In this way, we shall tirelessly seek members of society, the philanthropists, Government, Donor agencies churches among others for help.



UGX 10,000

per 3 Years
  • Sliver medal
  • Certificate


UGX 50,000

per month
  • Gold medal
  • Certificate


UGX 5000

per 2 Years
  • Bronze medal
  • Certificate