About Our organisation

Teachers beyond the black board initiative is a teacher- led national organization not for profit and non political aimed at sensitizing, motivating, coaching, training and opening the eyes of the teachers to see things beyond the classroom so that they live a life near to their counterparts in other professional. Our major aim is to empower teachers into supplementing the teaching job through innovations and knowledge/skills translation. It’s an initiative in which teachers will interact, network, learn from each other and be mentored by successful personalities in different displines. It is not in any way affiliated to any political organization and does not discriminate in terms of tribe, race, and colour. The founder and CEO Mr. Muddukaki Solomon Jackson is a seasoned teacher, social sector planner, entrepreneur and a manager with vast experiences in agro business, a small scale enterprise and community development. tBBi specialize in three core areas that is to say teacher’s empowerment, environment, and community engagement. We are a catalyst and a conduit through which teachers’ contribution in community will be propelled.

Our Team


tBBi is governed by a founders committee that was established by the founder. The founders committee appoints all members of the Board of trustees. The Board of trustees consists of members drawn from the private sector, who hold backgrounds and qualifications including agriculture, law, education, small scale enterprise and Entrepreneurship. This range means that the Board can contribute effectively to the development of the organization.

tBBi is an organization registered as a company limited by guarantee (with no shares) with a Board consisting of 3 directors with a wealth of experience in law, finance, economics, agribusiness development and its operations are delegated to chief Executive officer who is directly accountable to the Board.

  • Mr. Muddukaki Solomon Jackson

    C.E.O of Company
  • Nakate Jeneffer Kyeyune

    Trust Vice Chairperson
  • Sselwada Kiwewa Franceco

    Trustee and Cordinator
  • Walusimbi Willy

  • Goderfy Bachwa

    Trustee and Farmers Group Advicer
  • Nakito Victoria

    Trustee and Communication Specialist
  • Robert Mackay

    Trustee, Director and Legal Advisor
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History Of Our Organization

Let Us Tell You Our Story

Our vision


To have a sustainable comfortable teacher in Uganda and outside whose contribution in society exceeds teaching in classroom.

Our mission


To continuously engage teachers at all level in the betterment of their lives and of society


What we stand for

To transform the teacher professional from a poverty linked professional into a prosperous and a respected one through acquisition of outside classroom skills that can supplement the teaching job.

Our purpose

we also

Encourage teachers act as Para- social, Para-medical and para-envirometalist in communities where they live. Also improve the image of teachers in societies



Teachers can do better in their lives if given the direction and skills beyond their classroom. They have wider knowledge and in position to impact and change communities in which they live.