How we work

We work with teachers' unions, teacher training collages, governments, embassies and the public.


Membership is open to all who wish to improve and enhance the lives of teachers.

Great Ideas

We welcome great ideas and projects that can be used to develop and push our agenda forward.

Contact us

Feel free to contact us for any inquires and queries. Our support team is always available.

Why We Are The Best

Investing outside the class

Our main goal is to all teachers invest outside the classroom. We enable them take on ventures that will provide them with extra income and better lives.

Improving teachers' lives

Besides extra income generating actives, we also equip teachers with live skills, leadership skills. We also connect teacher to different teacher's unions.

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Word From The C.E.O

Mr. Muddukaki Solomon Jackson

  • “its a pleasure to associate with fellow teachers under our organisation. This is an opportunity to contribute to the society”

    Mr. Muddukaki Solomon Jackson | CEO

Exploring Teachers Beyond The Blackboard Intiative

Few Words About Us

Who we are?

We are a registered organisation limited by garuntee (no shares) With our main objectives covering three core areas; including teachers'empowerment, enviromental conservation and communtiy engagement.

What we do?

We train, coach, mentor, mobilize, sensitize and empower teachers with skills above the teaching profession We also partner with other community based organisations for community enagement and empowerment. We have designed a number of modules to attain our objectives.

Why we do this?

We believe teachers'potentials are not fully optimized. Teachers can do more than teaching. We also acknowlegde teachers' welfare have been the worst as long as public service is concerned hence the need to empower them with more skills for their personal resillence.

We work with

Community out reach 85%

Teachers unions 65%

Teacher training collages93%


Local governments 90%